Why I Write

Thanks for joining me!

For me, writing is an addiction, a compulsion, and ultimately, a destination. At the beginning of each journey, I am unsure of where this particular journey will take me – there is no itinerary to follow. I have no view of what I may be exposed to along the way or what the final destination will be. As I travel each pathway, I must navigate my way around twists and turns, confront unforeseen road-blocks and explore possibilities. Questions must be addressed, demons demolished and solutions, sought.
This is my challenge and this is why I write!

My Cave by Lorraine Brockbank.

To me, my hypnotic green holiday Bach, is equivalent to the quintessential man-cave. It meets my needs in more ways than one. Rather than filling the large open-plan space to the rafters with motor vehicle parts or classic yet-to-be-done-up motorbikes or fishing paraphernalia, or lining the walls with questionable girly pic’s, I have equipped this space with many amazing finds sourced through my op shop, shopping addiction.
Thus, not only am I feeding my addiction but my bargain buys are put to good use. I love nothing more than scrambling round the linen shelves in charity op shops, seeking out matching pillow cases and duvet covers, snugly throws, fluffy towels, colourful cushions and lacy table clothes. Or being armed with my zippy tape measure – I never leave home without my trusty tape measure – hunting for that perfect bedside table, tall-boy, book case, or bed settee. Then there is the crockery and utensil section, the pots and pans and microwave dishes and ceramic tea-pots and handy kitchen knick-knacks. The must-have high chair and portable cot and, check-out this baby buggy – yep, good condition, I’ll take it.
I search for children’s building blocks and board games, scan the wall’s for interesting pictures and ornate mirrors. Finally, I glide into the book corner and completely lose all sense of time or place or purpose.
In my opinion – though please feel free to disagree – in my hypnotic green cave, I have created a relaxing, shabby-chic, home-away-from-home: Quail’s Nest, a holiday stay in Mangawhai, while successfully feeding my addiction.