Dance of the Dawn

Dance of the Dawn.

Oh, Dawn, how you enlighten!

As Father Night fades to inky shades

Of plum-purple and oily-blues,

You don your colours of subtle hues.

Arousing my senses, exciting my heart,

Tickling my soul, unveiling your art.

Your benevolent smile, shimmery bright,

Your fingers of light farewell the night.

Oh, Dawn, how you surprise!

As you wake from your slumber,

Your feathery eyelids flitter-flutter,

Cleansing your lenses, clearing the clutter.

You fasten your dancing shoes

And pirouette in your frilly tutu,

Twirling and swirling with simple grace

Cocooning all in a warm embrace.

Oh, Dawn, how you inspire!

As you stride with calm confidence.

Gifting freedom and fortitude,

Desires and hopes to be renewed.

‘Do not squander or leave to fate.

Take charge, make it happen,’ you dictate.

‘Cherish loved ones, nurture romance.’

As into the day, you wildly dance.

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