Jandal Talk

Blue skies, long hot days, the beach beckons and what better footwear is there for young and old alike and every age between than the iconic Kiwi Jandal?

Jandal Talk

“We’re proud to call ourselves Jandals, eh Leftie?”
“Too right, Bro and original Kiwi jandals at that. We don’t appreciate being called flip-flops, as the British and American’s refer to us, or worse; thongs, the Australian nomenclature. G-strings for feet.” Leftie sniffs indignantly, as we sit soaking up the sun on the doorstep of our Piha Bach.
I’m thinking it’s a beaut day for surfing. Get out the long-board, amble along the beach and smash a few waves.
“Yeah Nah, we’re quintessential Kiwi. Up there with buzzy-bee, pavlova, number eight wire, Lemon and Paeroa, hokey-pokey ice cream, kiwifruit, pineapple lumps, sheep and gumboots.”
“Jandal’s are the casual footwear choice for the discerning Kiwi just as a pair of Jimmy Choo’s is a ‘must-have’ for high-society wear.” Leftie proclaims, flexing his strap.
“Of course, not everyone is in agreement with this sentiment, Leftie,” my sole curls. “sadly, we’ve been the recipient of bad-press, banned from some establishments, along with tank-tops, skimpy togs and visible tats.”
My rubber sole flaps with indignation, after all, the iconic jandal represents the ingenuity of Kiwi’s adapting what’s already out there to better suit the purpose of their laid-back lifestyle. Styled on the original wooden Japanese sandal, the rubber-soled jandal, with the unique Y-shaped strap, (making use of human toes) is the foot attire best suited to all sizes, all activities and, for all seasons.
“Anyways, I’d rather be stood around a barbie with a chilly bin,” Leftie chortles.
“Yeah, sweet as,” I agree.

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