I Deserve A Wine by Ima Lush

Today’s post, a Christmas poem, is a little late for the purpose, but if you were the one preparing your family’s Christmas dinner this year, how well do you compare with Ima and her preparations.

I Deserve A Wine by Ima Lush.

The turkey adorned with strips of pancetta
All to impress Cousin Loretta
Generously stuffed with shallots and thyme
The bird in the oven, I deserve a wine.

Elegant cocktails of lettuce and prawn to charm Uncle Vaughan.
Duck and pork terrine requested Great Aunt Maureen.
Smoked salmon canapes with rocket and dill to placate Uncle Bill.
Serve a hearty Mulled wine insisted Aunt Madeline.
I’ll take a swig just to be sure.
A powerful kick, I’ll have one more.

Cranberry sauce, with orange peel to thrill Cousin Sheryl.
For Uncle Jimmy, Mince Pies, there’s no surprise.
Gelatinous jellied eels to entice Uncle Neil.
A cheese platter, that’ll please Cousin Louise.
I deserve a wine, methinks
And greedily gulp another drink.

Brussel sprouts with chestnuts and sage, apparently are all the rage.
Oh, bother, no Brussel sprouts. I guess I’ll leave them out.
Baby carrots, sugar snap peas and corn cobs to satisfy Cousin Rob.
Wedges of turnip and orange pumpkin that’ll appease Cousin Justin.
The clock is ticking, look at the time.
I deserve another wine.

Cherry trifle with cream whipped thick to comfort Great Uncle Mick.
Plum duff generously laced with brandy, sure to win praise from dear Cousin Andy.
As an accompaniment, a rich brandy butter, certain to accentuate Granddads stutter.
And to complete the whole shebang? Delicate pink and white meringues.
Having prepared all this luscious food,
I deserve another wine, I conclude.

Now ‘tis time to adorn the table
Organza cloth, from dead Aunt Mabel
Silver cutlery and fine bone China
No Christmas table could look finer.
Preparing this meal has been quite a feat,
That Mulled wine has gone down a treat!

This day I have surpassed my best
And while I await my guests
Upon the sofa, I shall recline
And have a sip (or two) of wine.
After all, I deserve it, I’m sure you agree
Merry Christmas, (hiccup) Christmas very merry.

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