Quail Limericks.

Magical Mangawhai, reputedly the walking capital of Northland, this slice of paradise offers lovers of the great outdoors, art buffs and avid foodies a memorable time. Sail on the majestic estuary or surf in rollicking-rolling surf. Skate at Mangawhai Adventure Zone, a community project offering an impressive skateboarding ramp, an extended playground space and numerous bush walks. Experience the exceptional Saturday market, and at the end of a fun-packed day, indulge in fine foods and locally produced wines.
Head for the Heads: Mangawhai Heads. Come for a day or a few and like the quail’s in the limericks, make your own magical, Managawhai memories.
Need a recommendation for a place to stay? Quail’s Nest, of course! Give me a call!
There once was a quirky quail
Who every morning would sail
The Mangawhai Estuary
To bask in the scenery 
That unconventional quail.
An adventurous quail called Dave
On his longboard rode the waves.
The rolling surf he’d ride
On the incoming tide
That adrenalin seeking Dave.

A foraging covey of quail’s
Daily ventured along a trail
On berries, they’d dine
With fruits from the vine
Those grand gastronomical quail’s.
Weather Change
There once was a quail named Dale
Who got caught in a terrible gale
Scrambling to her nest
She coo’d; home is best
That panicky quail named Dale.

There once was a quail called Caz
Whose favourite hang-out was MAZ
Performing tricks on the ramp
A true skateboarding champ
That flexible quail called Caz.
*MAZ – Mangawhai Activity Zone
A fanciful quail named Marty
Considered himself to be arty
Favouring grand installations
Wooing all with his creations
That ingenious quail named Marty.

And on that note, one more limerick.

A Place to Stay.
Visiting Mangawhai - choose Quail’s Nest
For memorable moments of fun and rest
Bring your whanau and all your mates
Get packing now, don’t hesitate
For cosy comfort, Quail’s Nest is best!

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