Animal Antic’s

Sometimes you witness something unexpected, that is both surprising and entertaining. One morning I stood on my deck, coffee cup in hand and watched a sparrow hopping across my dampened lawn, stopping occasionally to peck at the soil. This little sparrow was very focused on his task.
What would that sparrow be thinking, I wondered?

Catch Of The Day.

Ah, a nice fat juicy one. I’ll have him!
Pickings have been a slim lately but once the lawn is mowed, these sweet delicacies seem to have a crazy, urgent need to surface. Don’t they know that our beady eyes can spy the minutest movement from our perch in the tree?
Sure is a wriggler, he’s putting up a valiant fight.
“What’ve you got there, Alf?” Bernard cheeps from behind.
To answer him is too risky – I’d loose this tasty morsel. To fly away with this dangling squiggler in my beak, is impossible.
“C’mon, Alf. Share your catch,” Bernard whines.

*Foot-note: Alf Sparrow turned around and gave the worm to Bernard. This is a true story!

On another occasion, the animal in question was my son’s very pampered cat.

Cat Conundrum.

I am petted and pampered, graciously groomed, endearingly entertained and fed the finest feline morsels. My attentive humans fulfil my every desire.
But lately something is askew. I can’t put a paw on it but I sense sinister subterfuge. My ears twitch, my fur ruffles each time I hear the sonorous sound:
‘ Me-ow, meow, hissss, spit.’ Is another feline invading my kingdom? With arched back, tail in the air I stalk the invisible intruder.
This conundrum only occurs when my humans are home. Male human talks into an object, ‘Hi Google, what sound does a cat make?’
‘Me-ow, hiss!’

eyes cat coach sofa
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